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International Talent Search

Nowadays, employers and recruiters are finding it more and more challenging to source talent locally.

This is due to a number of different reasons where New Zealand's youngest and most qualified workforce are moving across the Tasman and as far as Europe. The building industry is experiencing a boom that has not been prepared for adequately with the corresponding talent and trainees.

It is a tough call for many local, small to medium sized kiwi businesses to look off-shore because they feel out of their depth.

Fear not, we are experienced and accustomed to dealing with overseas candidates; their qualifications; the immigration challenges and the cultural divide that can sometimes be daunting for a kiwi employer. After all, our team at Building Recruitment is made up of a very international bunch as well.

Sometimes it's good to get a Fresh Perspective on things and hiring a professional from abroad may just be the missing link you've been searching for in your team. We believe in a diverse workforce and New Zealand is the best platform for that diversity to grow in your business.


Talk to us today about hiring professionals from Australia, the UK, South Africa and Pacific Islands.



South African Talent Pool

We often travel to Australia, the UK and South Africa to conduct Recruitment Roadshows to attract the right talent into the New Zealand market. So far we have been successful in recruiting staff from South Africa for a number of our clients. (for more information on our Roadshows click HERE)

We have specific talent who are currently working on their immigration visas to enter NZ with a valid work visa. We regularly send out a mailchimp alert on Top Candidates that are currently in the process of immigration. Click below to email us about this talent pool.

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