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Temporary Staffing

Hiring Temporary Staff

Our Temporary recruitment process is the same as recruiting permanent staff with only one’s a faster process!

We have a large database of candidates who prefer to temp because they enjoy a variety of work and environments or they see temping as a lifestyle choice or they are keen on a temp to permanent option. We recruit temporary staff regularly to ensure that our database is constantly up to date. 

Without compromising on calibre and completing all the necessary recruitment checks, we deliver you skilled candidates at short notice, to ensure that your business continues to function without unnecessary interruptions.

We also offer competitive rates for temp-to-perm options if you decide that our temp is the person you've been looking for all along.


Important things to note

  1. Temping changes from day to day depending on your needs and the availability of the staff member. Our database is divided into temporary, contract and permanent staff. Temporary staff are employed by Building Recruitment Limited and therefore we are responsible for all their wages, superannuation, ACC levies, holiday pay, PAYE and Kiwisaver. We charge your company an hourly rate plus GST to cover all of the abovementioned costs. Their hourly rate is based on their skills and experience.
  2. Some agreements may vary and we reserve the right to alter, negotiate or re-negotiate a contract/agreement with your company based on the changing needs of your role and how it may affect our temp staff member.
  3. Along with the work we do to get the best person for you by advertising, interviewing, referencing, etc, we charge a fee on top to cover all our administration, payroll and recruitment costs.  These costs vary depending on if the person is a temp, contractor, what level they are at, and how much extra work is required for the role.  For example if you require a Labourer, they require less work to recruit, however, if you require a more skilled person, that requires more time and utilisation of our recruitment process, there is more cost involved, therefore the margins are slightly higher in that case.
  4. All temps undergo a strict vetting process including credit, licencing and criminal checks, and every effort is made to ensure you are receiving the highest calibre of candidates.

  5. All employers are encouraged and are required by law, to conduct a comprehensive induction with the temp before they begin their assignment.