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South Africa Roadshow 2016

In June 2015 Building Recruitment ran a highly successful roadshow of free seminars in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. The feedback was very positive so we have decided to do the same again.

Seminar dates:

Johannesburg - 5th September
Durban - 9th September
Cape Town - 13th September

Click below on Free Seminar to find out more.

As well received as the free seminars were, we found 2 hours or so was not long enough to cover everything in the detail required.

For that reason, we are heading back in September 2016 for a series of Workshops.

Bookings are limited so don't delay as you may be disappointed.

Workshop dates:

Johannesburg - 6th, 7th and 8th September
Durban - 10th and 12th September
Cape Town - 14th September

Since our initial seminars in 2015, Building Recruitment has successfully found many South Africans great jobs with very supportive and market leading companies and even better news is, for trades people, Building Recruitment are now employing people ourselves which is something we find exciting.

Click below on Full Day Workshop to find out more. Bookings are limited so don't delay as you may be disappointed.

We will be holding a free seminar in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.

They are designed as an introduction to life in NZ, do's and don'ts when looking for a job and hopefully help you save money and speed up the process of finding a job. 

You will also meet with a local Immigration consultant to answer any of your questions. 
This seminar will be for 90 mins and is FREE.

To book your spot click:

HERE for Johannesburg

HERE for Durban

HERE for Cape Town
There will also be a waiting list if you are unsuccessful first time round. You will be notified if another workshop is available.

Building Recruitment Ltd is one of NZ's leading recruiters specific to the NZ Building/Construction sector.

We are in need of high end professionals looking to start a new life in NZ.

We have roles covering every aspect of the industry from Blue to white collar from Residential to Civils to Commercial projects and all job types within those sectors from Trades to Senior Management to Design and Engineering.

In June 2015 Building Recruitment ran a highly successful roadshow of free seminars in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. The feedback was very positive so we have decided to do the same again.

What is the cost?

The cost for the Workshop is R3,995 per person.

(Special offer: If Building Recruitment place you in a permanent position with a client we will refund your R3,995 investment on completion of 3 months in that role, this excludes being employed directly by Building Recruitment).
If you refer a friend, Building Recruitment will also give you a further R2,500 as a referral bonus if we successfully place that person in a full time position and they complete 3 months in that position, excluding if they work directly for Building Recruitment. Plus they too get their R3,995 back. 

To book your seat is free. Once you have registered, we will send you further instructions to make the payment. Please make the payment within 24 hours to guarantee your spot. If we don't see your payment we will make your spot available for the next person on our waiting list.

The workshops:

We have put together a comprehensive 1 day workshop based on our experiences working with South Africans looking to move to NZ.
We have looked at the mistakes being made which has cost migrants tens to hundreds of thousands of Rand and remain unsuccessful in finding a job.

The workshop is designed to maximise your chances to gain a great job and a new life, to help you understand cost of living, salaries, schooling, immigration advice, insurances when you get to NZ, resume writing and interview techniques.
It is designed to save you money but more importantly less stress during the process and a higher chance of a successful outcome.

What do I get from these workshops?
We have brought together a number of industry leaders in sectors that are important to you when moving to NZ.


Building Recruitment: has 11 years experience specific to the building industry. We are located in Auckland and work nationwide. We work in all aspects of the industry and have experience in finding work for South African's as well as employ them ourselves.

Our Partners:

Netmigration Services: are a South African operated immigration consultancy company soon to have offices in Auckland. They have represented many of our candidates and come with a very strong reputation for being focused, professional and thorough in their processes. Netmigration will be offering imigration advice and assesments as part of this workshop.

BraveDay Insurance:  are an Auckland based company who deal with clients across NZ. They are specialists in all types of insurance cover and deal with all the top insurance providers. Building Recruitment has been dealing with them for over 5 years and we cannot recommend them enough. They cover Medical, Life, Salary Protection and a whole lot more and offer packages to meet your budget.
Migration Cover: Are an international insurance provider with a unique insurance cover designed specifically for migrants. This cover will cover you for emergencies such as serious illness or death of a close family member, serious damage your property you are renting out where they will cover your costs to go back in South Africa or relocation back to South Africa for you and your family or offer support in finding a new job if you lose your job and a whole lot more.

Mobile Relocation:are specialists in supporting you on arrival. They are nationwie and come with over 10 years experience in this sector. They put packages together to assist you when coming over such as finding you tempoary accomodation, picking you up on arrival, organising car rental, taking you to view schools, housing, and networking groups to ensure you settle quickly to your new surroundings and a whole lot more. They can tailor packages around your budget and take the stress off you when you arrive.

Duration of workshop: 

The workshop will be a full day, Registration is at 8.30am.
Workshop starts prompt at 9am and finsishes at 5pm.
Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea will be provided.

What do I need to bring?
You will need to bring with you a Laptop with MS Word installed and be able to open other Microsoft documents too. This is essential and you will be unable to carry out work during the workshop without this.

Notepad and pens.

You will each receive a flash drive with a copy of the presentation, workshop templates and relevant information discussed during the workshop to take home with you.

How many people will be at each workshop?
Due to the detailed content of these workshops we are looking to limit the numbers and the amount of workshops we do.
We are capping the numbers to 20 per workshop, but ideally we would look to around 14 and if demand was there we will look to increase to 20. Our intention is to be able to spend time on each person’s needs.
Tickets are based on 1st come basis. If demand is extremely high we may look to adding additional days.

Can I bring my partner?
Ideally no as the workshop is designed to work with the actual job seeker as we develop your resume during this workshop. You will receive a copy of the presentation which you can go over with your partner at home.

How do I benefit from this workshop?

You will come away from our workshop with:

  • A greater understanding of the cost of living across NZ
  • What your earning potential is
  • What schooling is like
  • What healthcare you receive
  • How the industry is shaping up across NZ
  • House prices across the country
  • Where you can go to get help
  • How to market yourself to potential employers
  • What is my worth
  • A great resume which will enable you to compete with NZ skilled workers for a job 
  • Immigration advice
  • Making for a less stressful, more successful and cost saving experience with no surprises at the other end of the immigration process.

After the workshop what happens?

Once you have completed the workshop you will be required to go away and finish your resume and send it back to the team at Building Recruitment. Once we have this we will work with you on a 1 on 1 to discuss your resume, fine tune it and then start the job search process. We would meet via Skype to discuss and to formally interview you to see how you get on.

We are looking for:

Project Managers, Quantity Surveyors, Estimators, Building Surveyors, Fire Engineers, HVAC, Sprinkler System Installers, Architects, CAD and Revit Technicians, Carpenters, Glaziers, Aluminium Joinery Fabricators, Painter/Decorators, Bricklayers, Carpet Players, Kitchen Installers, Cabinet makers, Stair Manufacturers, Construction Managers, Development Managers, Civil Engineers, Roading and Rail Engineers, Structural Engineers,Scaffolders, Commercial Roofers and much more.......

Any questions please email:

To book your spot click:

HERE for Johannesburg

HERE for Durban

HERE for Cape Town
There will also be a waiting list if you are unsuccessful first time round. You will be notified if another workshop is available.