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Resume Writing

Fishing for the right opportunity?

Like fishing, you need the right bait on the hook to attract the right fish. Well, your resume, ladies and gentlemen, is no different!

Ask yourself this:

If I was the hiring manager and looking to hire someone like myself;

  • What would I be looking for in my resume?
  • Do I see these things in my current resume?
Chances are if you’re honest, the answer will be "No".

Every day in our business, we find that many people sell themselves too short of what they can truly achieve. At Building Recruitment, we work with you to develop an exceptionally detailed and easy to read Resume that will bring you to the front of the queue.

Remember the sole purpose of your resume is to give the reader enough information to decide whether they want to talk to you. So it is crucial to invest time to make yourself stand out in today’s competitive market. Your resume won’t get you the job, but it will get you the interview, the opportunity to showcase who you really are to an employer. Ideally your resume will paint a picture of you and your strengths.

Imagine you are a prospective employer reading your resume and see if you can add things they would like to see. They need to be able to grasp quickly whether you have the attributes they would like to see in a candidate.

A personalised cover letter summarising your skills and employment objectives is a great addition to your application – tailor it to the role you are applying for and keep it focused, concise and positive.

We have hundreds of candidates who have changed to our Resume format and gained more interviews, been more confident in the interview, and gained a greater salary than expected.

Talk to us today about our Building Recruitment Resume format and advice.