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Job Seekers

The Job Market Today

It seems as if finding a job right now couldn’t be easier – no doubt your skills will be in short supply and in high demand.

But is it?

How do you choose? What if you chose the wrong one?

At Building Recruitment Ltd we have the industry knowledge, human resources and experience to assist you in making the right choice.

You are not just a number to us but an individual with individual needs and requirements, we look at the big picture, not just the now.

We will help you through this process, work with you to ensure you make the right decisions based on your career objectives.

Trust us to help you.

At Building Recruitment Ltd we engage with our Candidates in a way that is best for you, not us.

Why Choose us?

At Building Recruitment, you will experience:

  • A personalised system of working with you, focusing on your skills, your goals and your needs.
  • A professional working with you not only as a recruiter but as a building industry expert.
  • A professional willing to work with you to identify your key strengths and desires to secure the best possible role or career move.
  • A professional interview process which will also involve up-grading your resume to ensure a greater opportunity for success.
  • Trust and confidentiality that is guaranteed.
  • Many of our past candidates have now become our clients or repeat candidates because they trust us to handle their next career move. 


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