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How We Engage

At Building Recruitment, we believe that the best decision you will ever make is to engage a recruitment company that understands your industry. That is why we train our staff on the industry with site visits and hands on experience with machinery and power tools.

Engage us to:

  • source the best available talent and right fit for your organisation

  • screen, interview and vet candidates with confidence and in a timely fashion
  • present you with a timely short-list that will not waste your time
  • manage the process from end-to-end so you can focus on your core business
  • allow us into your business so that we become an extension of your organisation
  • engage with us exclusively so that we can dedicate all our resources to your needs
  • consult with us openly and with integrity and uphold the codes of conduct in business
  • help us grow and improve by giving regular feedback and testimonials as we will do for you
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Building Recruitment Lee-Ann learning about Hilti Powertools.