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How We Connect

At Building Recruitment, we pride ourselves in the manner in which we Connect with our Clients and Candidates.
  • First and foremost Building Recruitment is 100% industry specific with over 30 years of industry knowledge.
  • We value our clients and our candidates. They are treated with respect and we work for their best interests, not our own.
  • Our team are active within leading industry organisations which allows us to put something back into our sector and also helps us keep ahead of the changing demands you deal with every day. 
  • 89% of our clients are existing and forged longterm partnership with us from over a decade of a consistently high service proposition.
  • Repeat business is vital to any business and Building Recruitment are no exception. 
  • Our team understand we are only as good as our last placement.
  • We are not perfect and will never pretend otherwise.
  • If a error is made, we pull out all the stops to rectify the issue.
  • Our primary focus is the connection we have with our clients and candidates is positive, professional and successful. 
Social Media

Advertising vacant positions using the normal channels is no longer enough. Social media plays a huge role in our connection with candidates which means we can reach out to those hard sought after high calibre candidates across NZ and internationally quickly and effectively.

Immigration and International candidates

Immigration is an area most recruitment companies avoid but for us it's a challenge we are willing and fully experienced to take on board.

No request is ever too hard. We are not afraid to tackle the impossible. We are always up for a challenge.

Our Personal Guarantee

"As Managing Director, my expectation is that once you have dealt with Building Recruitment you will have no need to look elsewhere." 

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